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About Us

At Pinnacle Gaming we provide a wealth of knowledge and skill in the areas of business strategies, business development, project management, operations and overall planning and management.

Having been involved in the setup of more than 20 development projects in 15 countries such as Canada, Australia, Egypt, Russia, South Africa, Switzerland, and Venezuela, Pinnacle’s group of specialists has created financial opportunities in different markets with unique local environments and cultures for its clients.

The team’s exposure to so many different markets and meeting the needs of their regional environments has led to the idea to diversify further whenever an opportunity arises. Our team of professionals has achieved success in gaming establishments such as casinos, also in the industries of tourism, entertainment and hospitality. Several concepts for hotels, spas, entertainment parks and centres are also under evaluation in Europe and the Middle East.

Most recently, Pinnacle has specialized in working with First Nations, supporting their desires to create prosperous businesses and revenue opportunities from their existing assets. With exciting expansion in world of leisure activities and destination resorts, First Nations recognized their underutilized potential in the area of gaming and entertainment. Pinnacle is assisting them realise their goals and opportunities.

Pinnacle Gaming Solutions is constantly searching for new opportunities to apply their international experience. If you have any inquiries, please contact us at

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